A Guide to Sourcing Cannabis Storage Solutions – Containers, Warehouses, and More  

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New England’s cannabis business is booming. With sales revenues reaching into the billions, dispensary owners, manufacturers, and cultivators are working hard behind the scenes to keep up with supply and demand. With the growth of cannabis popularity comes a dire need for those in the business to find adequate bulk cannabis storage solutions.

Cannabis may be becoming an accepted consumer product, but it is also a high-value crop. Therefore, bulk cannabis storage can be tricky to navigate. Retailers are looking for a way to store inventory when they secure it for a good price. Manufacturers are looking for raw ingredient storage. And, cultivators are looking for interim storage between harvest, curing, and shipment to manufacturers and retailers.

The Importance of Proper Cannabis Storage

Access to bulk cannabis storage is critical for inventory management purposes and holds value for different business owners in the supply chain. However, cannabis has highly specific needs when it comes to storage. As a plant product, proper storage involves carefully managing temperature, humidity, sunlight exposure, and oxygen exposure. Improper storage affects the quality in terms of efficacy, aromatics, and flavor.

The general guidelines state that cured cannabis should be held between 59 and 63 percent humidity and temperatures below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, storing bulk product could mean a lost investment due to lost cannabinoids, reduced terpenes, and possibly even mold.

A Look at the Best Bulk Cannabis Storage Solutions

Those in the cannabis industry can have unique storage needs depending on several factors. However, there are two primary options for bulk cannabis storage to consider.

Bulk Storage Containers

Due to the heightened need for large-scale storage, quite a few bulk storage containers have been created specifically for use for storing cannabis. Most of these containers take on the same attributes of small-scale storage containers that consumers use for small quantities at home. For example, CVault offers airtight 8-liter containers that rely on humidity packs to maintain proper moisture levels. Airtight curing bins with gas discharge valves are also often used for storage and transport, especially among cultivators and manufacturers.

Cannabis Warehousing

For most manufacturers, cultivators, and even dispensary owners, cannabis warehousing is the optimal storage solution. On-site storage requires having the proper facilities in place to create the ideal storage temperature. This can be difficult for many retailers to achieve, but even smaller cultivators and product manufacturers can lack adequate space or room in the budget for implementing on-site storage. Third-party warehousing companies offer industry-compliant storage off-site in secure locations.

Achieve Bulk Cannabis Storage with Plymouth Armor Group

Plymouth Armor offers warehousing and compliance solutions to help cannabusiness owners easier navigate the complexities of handling cannabis in all forms. From cultivators to retailers, our access to large-scale warehousing and expensive compliance knowledge ensures your inventory is well managed. Reach out to find out more about how we can support your business operations.

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