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Compliant and secure, armored cash-in-transit services from your business to your bank of choice.

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Without question, laws and regulations have made financials in the cannabis business complicated. This leaves a lot of dispensaries, cultivators, and product manufacturers with large volumes of cash to transport at any given time. Plymouth Armor Group supplies the fully armored vehicles and experienced armed guards necessary for cash transport. We will pick up cash and deliver it to the cannabis bank of your choice.

Optimally Secure Cannabis Cash Transport and More

Our goal at PAG is to get your dispensary cash from point A to point B in the quickest, most discreet, compliant way possible. Our fully armored vehicles are protected by armed guards, so you can rest assured your cash will arrive safely to its destination. Additionally, we handle cash change orders, ATM cash, and more. Reach out to learn more about our cash transport services.

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FAQs About Secure Cash Transportation

Why Is Cash Transport Important in the Cannabis Business?

Due to the limitations on processing payments, the bulk of transactions that take place at retail cannabis dispensaries involve cash. With that being said, one retail dispensary can have a substantial amount of money on the premises at any given time. The same can often apply to cannabis processors and even cultivators.

Having access to cash transportation companies reduces the risks that can come along with handling large volumes of cash. For example, keeping large amounts of cash at a dispensary can put the place of business at risk of being targeted for robbery. Likewise, it can be dangerous for a business employee to travel with this amount of cash in a non-secured vehicle to make daily deposits.

What Should You Look for in the Best Cash Transporter for Your Business?

While there may be several cash transportation services to choose from, not all offer the same level of professionalism or support. Therefore, be sure to look for preferred transporters that provide well-trained staff, secured vehicles that meet regulatory requirements, and can handle other needs you may have.

For example, at PAG, we offer change orders when needed, have pre-existing affiliations with many financial institutions, and can help you handle ATM cash.

How Often Should a Cash Transport Be Scheduled?

The answer to this can vary depending on the state your business resides in, the volume of orders you handle per week, and more. Many dispensaries will need cash transportation services daily to ensure they are not keeping large volumes of cash on-site. However, some retailers may not have such a high volume of daily transactions. Therefore, they may only need transport on a weekly basis or a few times a week.

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Learn More About Cannabis Cash Transportation

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