Cannabis Product Transportation

Compliant wholesale, B2B, and lab cannabis transport to and from all license types.

When And Where? PAG Will Make It Happen.

Plymouth Armor Group understands the headache of cannabis logistics, so it has been our goal since day one to develop the most efficient and compliant processes and procedures in the industry.

Available when and where you need us, PAG works with your schedule to provide prompt delivery. Our risk mitigation program has been developed with input from industry leaders and our state-of-the-art asset tracking technology ensures safe delivery of your cannabis from point A to point B.

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Looking for Cannabis Product Transportation?

When it comes to cannabis cargo, getting that precious product from point A to point B can be a challenge. Not only are you dealing with all the regulation woes of cannabis transport, but you’ve also got high-dollar product that needs adequate security through the entirety of the trip. These very reasons make dealing with industry objectives like cannabis delivery, cultivation transport, and even lab sample transport hard to navigate.

You’ve Got Cannabis Transport Needs, We’ve Got Solutions

Cannabis supply chain logistics can be a challenge. However, we simplify the process by handling everything from wholesale marijuana pickup to B2B cannabis deliveries. Plymouth Armor Group handles your cannabis cargo with the security of your products in mind. Need a marijuana transporter that’s 100-percent compliant, totally secure, and efficient? Reach out to our team for more information.

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