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Posted on August 30th, 2022 to Education

Are you a part of the growing cannabis industry as a cultivator or manufacturer? Chances are you’ve done some research on cannabis transportation companies and how to efficiently transport weed legally. New England’s cannabis business is booming. In Massachusetts alone, adult-use dispensaries have generated more than three billion in gross sales across over 200 retail establishments.

This means the amount of cannabis and cannabis products that are being transported from point A suppliers to point B retailers is profound. As fast as the cannabis industry is growing, some kinks in the supply chain process still exist. Primarily, a lot of cultivators and manufacturers run into woes when it comes to transporting products to retailers. Read on to learn more about hiring cannabis transportation services in 2022 as well as challenges and advice, or reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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Cannabis Transportation Services to Consider

Product Transportation

Product transportation is a major undertaking in the cannabis industry unless you have the right support from a cannabis transport company. Products have to be tracked from the time they leave the cultivator. Likewise, manufactured products have to be tracked once they leave the facility. Cannabis product transportation companies like Plymouth Armor Group bring secure vehicles, METRC-compliant practices, and industry experience to the table to ensure cannabis inventory is transported from point A to B quickly and securely.

Cash Transportation

Financials in the cannabis industry can be more complicated than in any other industry. Therefore, more cash payments are common for retailers, and this can easily lead to having a lot of cash in-store to transport to financial institutions. Cash transport offered by cannabis transport companies ensures large volumes of money make it to and from destinations absolutely securely. Cash from your cannabis dispensary can be picked up in an armored vehicle and discreetly transported to a bank or other destination. Depending on the service provider, additional services may be available, such as handling change orders and ATM servicing.

Warehousing and Storage

Maintaining cannabis inventory sometimes means keeping ready stock available off-site. Likewise, there may be times when intermittent storage needs arise as cannabis products are in transition from one point to the next. To support cannabis business owners with these needs, one element of cannabis transportation services can include cannabis warehousing and storage. At Plymouth, we work with a network of clients who need storage, so we offer compliant storage space for raw or finished cannabis products. And, we provide pick-and-pack warehousing services so clients can restock as needed.


The logistics behind inventory management can get pretty complicated. However, the best cannabis transport companies offer some level of logistics services to help clients navigate the complexities of managing product inventory. For example, at Plymouth Armor Group, we partner with Leaflink to simplify shipping processes through a software-supported tracking and delivery system.

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The Challenges of Marijuana Transportation

Cannabis is a unique industry. It is highly regulated, the product is especially valuable, and federal laws are yet to be adjusted to coincide with state-based laws. This combination makes transporting products far more challenging than it would be with other consumer products.

Typical Courier Services Are a No-Go

Traditional couriers, such as FedEx, USPS, or UPS, are simply out of the question when it comes to cannabis transport due to federal ties. Likewise, contracting privately owned couriers, such as localized freight carriers, isn’t possible. In order to carry cannabis, transporters have to obtain a license in the state.

Security Is a Concern with High-Value Merchandise

Cannabis is valuable merchandise. A cargo van filled with cannabis could easily be carrying thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Therefore, transport vehicles have to be well-secured, and inconspicuous, and the drivers need to be well-trained.

Maintaining Compliance Can be Tough

Each state, and sometimes localities within that state, have its own regulations about cannabis transport. Staying compliant is a challenging feat. For example, some states require a thorough tracking system for every cannabis product that goes on a vehicle for delivery.

How to Get a Marijuana Transportation License

Obtaining a license to transport cannabis in the state of MA and other parts of New England is a multi-step process that can take a lot of time to achieve. A marijuana transporter is defined by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission as:

“An entity licensed by the Cannabis Control Commission that is permitted to possess marijuana products solely for the purpose of transporting, temporarily storing, selling, and distributing them to Marijuana Establishments (MEs) or Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs), but not to consumers.”

The types of licenses you have to obtain can vary depending on location and personal circumstances. For example, MA offers a license for third-party transporters who do not have an existing license or a license to existing license-holders looking to transport cannabis.

In order to obtain a license in MA, interested applicants must:

  • File an Application of Intent (AOI) with the state
  • Undergo a background check
  • Offer a management and operations profile

Each step in this process can require several objectives that must be met. For example, when you file your AOI, you have to supply proof of a bond or escrow substantial enough to cover licensure, paying taxes, and destroying damaged cannabis inventory.

How much is a cannabis transport license?

The license application fee for third-party transporters is $1500 with $5000 required for the license. Existing licensees are still expected to pay $1000 for the application fee and $5000 for the actual license once approved.

The Best Way to Transport Marijuana in 2022

Without question, if you are in the cannabis business and need transport options, working with a third-party transporter is the simplest option. Working with independent marijuana transport companies means you have access to a fleet of vehicles and drivers that are licensed, equipped, and qualified to carry cannabis to retailers.

For example, Plymouth Armor Group specializes in cannabis cash and product transportation. As a leading transporter of marijuana in New England, we hold all the credentials suppliers need to ensure safe and compliant delivery to retailers, such as:

  • Holding the proper licenses and insurance
  • Being committed to state and local compliance
  • Offering an armored fleet of transport vehicles with armed guards when needed
  • Having logistics experience
  • Offering METRC-compliant tracking for manifests

Around 85 percent of the cannabis market in the state of MA has partnered with Plymouth to handle transport for these exact reasons.

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