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The more resilient and trustworthy the supply chain is in the cannabis industry, the more resilient and profitable being a part of the industry can be. Wholesale fulfillment services are a big part of the supply chain, especially in New England where demand for cannabis is growing at a fast pace. The ability to order wholesale can mean everything to dispensary owners, and manufacturers and cultivators need to warehouse and deliver the wholesale products to retailers.

The Importance of Cannabis Wholesale Fulfillment

The cannabis industry is ever-evolving, and products are undoubtedly in high demand. Having access to a fulfillment service that acts as an extension of your existing operation simplifies things like:

  • Access to METRC compliant pick and pack services.
  • Next day delivery of your inventory out of a centralized warehouse.
  • Ample storage of your product in a highly secure vault.

Unfortunately, inefficiencies in the supply chain come at a great cost to everyone involved in the industry. Retailers that don’t have a steady stream of reliable products lose sales and customers. Manufacturers can face issues with getting finished products into the hands of dispensaries. Likewise, cultivators face challenges with access to appropriate, compliant storage after crops are harvested and cured.

A Look at Wholesale Cannabis Fulfillment Solutions

Working with a wholesale fulfillment service streamlines certain steps in the cannabis supply chain. The wholesale fulfillment service can handle several aspects that are critical to different types of license holders in the industry, which brings about natural benefits. Basically, bulk product goes to a warehouse from a cultivator or manufacturer, retailers and manufacturers can schedule orders, the warehouse team packs orders, and then the transporter handles getting the product from the warehouse to the end destination. Take a look at a few benefits of this streamlined process.

Simplified Inventory Management

Retailers with reliable access to bulk warehoused products don’t have to be so concerned with running out of certain products. They can place an order from the warehouse instead of having to secure products directly from cultivators or manufacturers. Likewise, cultivators can keep harvested crops off-site in a compliant facility and ensure product is distributed to retailers and manufacturers efficiently. Manufacturers gain access to a reliable stream of raw materials as needed, as well as a wholesale fulfillment center that can handle incoming dispensary orders on their behalf.

Rapid Transport and Ordering Processes

With products held at a centralized location and most fulfillment services offering online ordering, you can have what you need to be ordered in just a few clicks. This saves a lot of time for dispensary owners who may normally have to take several steps to get products ordered. Large-scale wholesale fulfillment services also ensure rapid delivery once an order is placed.

Easier Managed Compliance

Wholesale fulfillment services in the cannabis industry use the same seed-to-sale integrations to ensure the chain of custody procedures are correctly followed. Every part of compliance the fulfillment center handles is that much a retailer, cultivator, or manufacturer does not have to handle.

Find Wholesale Fulfillment Services Through Plymouth Armor Group

At Plymouth Armor Group, we offer warehousing solutions for every situation. Our cannabis storage facility is designed to handle everything from cultivated crops to product stockpiles from manufacturers. Reach out to find out more about our warehouse fulfillment and transport services.


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