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Here at Plymouth Armor Group, we believe our most valuable asset is our employees. As a young company, our staff has grown tremendously since we began in 2018, and continues to grow every day. We pride ourselves on a culture of inclusivity, creativity and adaptability. We strongly believe that every employee, no matter their background, deserves to be paid a living wage. To uphold this promise, Plymouth Armor Group has a minimum pay rate of $20/hour. Plymouth Armor Group also provides a package of benefits for our full-time employees which includes health, dental, vision, 401k and more. As a company staffed by many parents, we know how important having a work/life balance is. PAG proudly offers flexible schedules and remote/hybrid options for many of our office employees. As a company we are committed to a culture that uplifts and supports every member of our staff.

We are successful because of the hard working members of our team. If this sounds like a work environment that interests you, please click below to apply.

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