Effective Humidity Management for Bulk Cannabis

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Cannabis may be one of the most sought-after consumer products, but on the most basic level, cannabis is an organic, agricultural product. Therefore, the plant’s shelf life is not infinite, and exposure to high or low moisture levels can make all the difference in the rate of deterioration.

One of the most vital elements of maintaining the freshness and quality of cured cannabis flower is being attentive to moisture levels. The appropriate humidity for storing cannabis must be closely monitored and maintained. With too much moisture, the valuable crop is vulnerable to mold, mildew, and rot. Too little moisture and terpenes begin to evaporate, cannabinoids deteriorate, and the cannabis becomes far less potent, fragrant, and flavorful.

With cannabis in a stash jar at home, drop in a humidity pack, and you’re good to go for weeks. However, keeping bulk cannabis stored correctly in terms of humidity control can be far more complicated. Find out the best humidity for storing cannabis and the keys to managing moisture in bulk cannabis product.

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The Best Humidity for Storing Cannabis

The optimal humidity for storing cannabis, particularly for commercial growers and processors, typically ranges between 45% and 55% relative humidity (RH). This range strikes a balance that preserves the quality and potency of the cannabis flower while mitigating the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Maintaining humidity within this range is crucial because excessively high humidity can promote mold growth, which not only compromises the product but also poses health risks to consumers. Conversely, overly dry conditions below 55% RH can lead to the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. This diminishes the overall quality and potency of the cannabis but can also be detrimental to its value or even lead to a total loss.

How to Maintain Humidity for Cannabis Stored in Bulk

By carefully controlling humidity throughout the storage process, commercial cannabis growers and processors can preserve the integrity of their product, ensuring it meets high-quality standards and regulatory requirements for both medical and recreational markets. However, the approach to controlling humidity for cannabis on a commercial level can look different for different business owners.

Invest in Humidity Control Systems and Follow Careful Monitoring Practices

Commercial growers and processors often invest in humidity control systems such as dehumidifiers and humidifiers to regulate storage environments effectively. Additionally, using hygrometers to monitor humidity levels in real-time helps ensure that conditions remain within the optimal range. This process and these commercial systems are considered the gold standard for appropriate moisture control with cured, stored cannabis.

Consider Storage Containers and Bulk Cannabis Humidity Control Packs

Proper cannabis storage containers, such as airtight jars with humidity packs (like Boveda packs), can also help maintain stable humidity levels over extended periods with smaller batches. Some companies, like Boveda and others, do offer humidity packs for larger quantities of cannabis. However, no solution works better than a cannabis warehouse with humidity control systems in place for optimal moisture regulation in protected, enclosed environments.

Maintain Appropriate Airflow in Cannabis Storage Spaces

Stagnant air is detrimental to the quality of stored cannabis. It can contribute to uneven humidity distribution and create pockets of moisture that encourage mold growth. Proper airflow is essential to maintaining consistent humidity levels and preventing the buildup of harmful pathogens. However, too much airflow can contribute to dryness. For that reason, ventilation and air circulation must be handled by the best possible setups designed for use in cannabis storage specifically.

Implementing adequate ventilation systems, such as fans or air circulation devices, helps distribute air evenly throughout storage spaces, so cannabis flowers maintain consistent moisture levels and are protected from potential contaminants. By promoting airflow, commercial growers and processors can further safeguard the quality and integrity of their cannabis products to meet the stringent standards required in the industry.

Third-Party Cannabis Storage Can Be Vital for Bulk Cannabis Longevity

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Ideally, a harvested cannabis crop will only remain in storage for a brief period before moving onto processing or packing. However, cannabis cultivators and processors often need longer-term storage. In these situations, working with a third-party cannabis storage warehouse can be the best way to protect the quality of the flower. Doing so offers several immediate benefits:

  • Cost-efficiency – Humidification-control and ventilation systems are not cheap investments; many small-scale cannabusinesses simply don’t have the capital to integrate these systems.
  • Risk mitigation – Utilizing a third-party storage warehouse shifts the responsibility of maintaining optimal storage conditions, which can also mean reducing the risk of costly equipment malfunctions or failures.
  • Scalability – Third-party warehouses can accommodate fluctuating storage needs as cannabis businesses scale operations. Therefore, business owners gain flexibility without the need for significant upfront investments.
  • Compliance assurance – Trusted cannabis storage facilities must adhere to regulatory standards and best practices. This means someone oversees ensuring stored products meet legal requirements and maintain their integrity.
  • Expertise and support – Cannabis storage facilities may offer specialized knowledge and support in cannabis storage practices, including monitoring humidity levels, pest control, and inventory management. Plus, multifaceted warehousing services like Plymouth Armor Group can also help with additional support, such as cannabis transport, distribution, and fulfillment.

Find Out How Cannabis Storage Can Revolutionize Your Cannabis Business

From full cannabis warehousing services to transport and product distribution, Plymouth Armor Group can take some of the woes out of operating a cannabis business. As one of the most trusted and valued names in New England, PAG has helped many industry professionals revolutionize everything from cannabis storage to the efficiency of transport and distribution.

To find out how we can help make your business more efficient and protect your bulk cannabis, reach out to discuss our array of services.

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