Partner Spotlight: Bill Perrier with Charles River Insurance

Posted on February 16th, 2021 to Partner Spotlight by

February 16, 2021

Written by Allison Lotzkar


Tell us the name of your company and your role.

Charles River Insurance and I work as a Sales Executive at the company.

Please give a brief description of services offered by your company:

We are an insurance brokerage agency, so we usually have several solutions to review with business owners. We know from years of experience which carriers want to write certain types of businesses— and the ones that will pass on the opportunity. We also have outstanding account managers who work closely with us on new submissions and our renewals.  Charles River Insurance Brokerage also has life and health insurance brokers as well as a team of investment advisor.

How does your business uniquely partner with the cannabis industry?

I am excited to be part of an insurance agency that has a dedicated cannabis insurance team.  We spend 90% of our time working in the cannabis industry. In the last year I have performed pro-bono work for members of the social equity program.  Developed a network of best in class vendors who offer complimentary services to insurance brokerages, appeared on social media programs, and helped educate many new business owners and new to cannabis.

Tell our readers about your relationship with Plymouth Armor Group:

Not only do we provide insurance coverage and protection to Plymouth Armor Group but we also receive great referrals from them to work with their clients.

What type of feedback have you received regarding Plymouth Armor Group’s services? 

The clients that we refer to Plymouth Armor Group are impressed with their timeliness, professionalism and the high level of experienced security personnel they bring to each and every pickup.

If one of our readers would like more information, how should they reach you?

Please call or text to 508-740-3082 or email

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