Partner Spotlight: Scott Newman of Adaptive HR

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February 3, 2021

Written by Allison Lotzkar


Tell our readers about your role with AdaptiveHR:
I head up the business development effort for AdaptiveHR, which is based locally in Rockland, MA. My goal is to increase awareness and educate the cannabis market about our solutions, so we can help clients be more successful.

Please give a brief description of services offered by your company:
AdaptiveHR helps cannabis operators grow faster and be more profitable.We provide outsourced HR, payroll, benefit and 401k services.

How does your business uniquely partner with the cannabis industry?:
AdaptiveHR provides expertise and best practices around payroll benefits and HR, for example: time and attendance and reporting services to help owners comply with IRS code 280E. We offer a cannabis friendly 401k plan. Our company helps make introductions to banks that service the industry.  In addition, we provide guidance around HR rules and regulations to keep our operators compliant and protect their bottom line. Our clients are super busy, so we help them focus on what they do best to grow their business. We have a team of experts that clients can call so they don’t have to figure out all the cannabis payroll and HR changes of rules and regulations on their own.

Tell our readers about your relationship with Plymouth Armor Group:
Our company has partnered with PAG since 2019. We service Plymouth Armor Group and it’s employees with our unique HR and benefit offerings. In addition, we work with many existing operators and startups to introduce each other’s services. I have been networking with Joe Nicholson and Abbe Schnibbe and we have a great working partnership.

What type of feedback have you received regarding our services?
Our mutual clients really like the peace of mind that PAG’s services provide.  They are getting great response times and support.  Also, they really like that Joe  Nicholson, PAG’s head of Sales and Compliance, has a background as Director of Compliance for the MA Medical program, so he is very knowledgeable and provides solid recommendations.

If one of our readers would like more information, how should they reach you?
My email is, I can be reached by phone at (978) 828-4160. I am also on LinkedIn. Always happy to be a resource to clients of PAG!

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