Staff Spotlight – Abigail Schnibbe, Chief Operating Officer

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February 3, 2021

Written by Allison Lotzkar

Tell us who you are, your role, and what your journey has been with Plymouth Armor Group so far:
I am Abbe Schnibbe and I am the Chief Operating Officer and one of the Co-Founders of Plymouth Armor Group. When I started my journey with PAG, there were only two other employees and I was hired on as Business Manager. I was responsible for hiring, recruiting and training, vehicle outfitting, and setting up and initiating GPS tracking and other tech systems. In February 2019 I was promoted to VP of Operations. At this time I started really digging into our CCC application for our Third Party Transporter License and that became a huge aspect of my role with PAG. April of 2020, I was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, because of my deep understanding of the company from the ground up. In December of 2020, we received our Commence Ops and that is something I am immensely proud of. My journey with PAG started as a meeting with our CEO at Panera, and now 2.5 years later, here we are with our Third Party Transporter License and a client base that has grown by 300%.  

In your opinion, what has been PAG’s greatest accomplishment so far:
In my opinion, it was genius to start with cash transport so that we could, right off the bat, develop a compliant and safe transport approach. It didn’t exist until we came online and it allowed us to move through the CCC licensing process with a service to offer our client base, and revenue stream for the company. Before we received our Third-Party Transporter License, we were able to develop a strong customer base, brand awareness and gain the trust of our colleagues in the industry. I do think that our biggest success thus far is receiving our Third Party Transporter License. Everyone in this industry knows how much work this is. From finding a lease to applying through the town, the application process and multiple inspections– we are very proud of the work put in to receive that licensing.

Where do you see PAG in 5 years? 10?
Six months after we began offering cash transport services, we moved into New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We have big goals to expand to other states as cannabis laws change nationwide. In five years, I see us offering product transport services in multiple states. The industry is moving more and more away from cash, so we will continue to provide this while it is still much needed, but I believe product transport will be our biggest focus in the future. In 1-2 years we hope to have multiple locations in Mass to store excess product for clients, if they need that.

Tell me about your relationship with the cannabis industry:
I have two very close relatives that were greatly helped by medical cannabis in the last six months of their lives. I had always been an advocate but this brought it even closer to home. At the time, working in the industry had never even been on my radar, but when approached to join the team I knew that working in this field could be very fulfilling. In my previous job, My main focus was social and racial equity work and joining the cannabis industry gave me a unique opportunity to fight for social justice and help heal the impact the war on drugs has had. I am also a proud cannabis consumer! Not a medical patient, at this time, but am grateful to live in a state that has been a fast mover in the industry. Shout out to some of my favorite products: Nikki’s Fruit Salve at Triple M Dispensary and Betty’s Eddies that I purchased at Caroline’s Cannabis.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
I was born in Buffalo and am a die hard Buffalo Bills fan! I moved to Massachusetts when I was three but my support never wavered. Oh! I am directly related to Benjamin Franklin. I love to sing and can play the bass. Something I’m very proud of is founding the Massachusetts Association of Cannabis Transporters in the Fall of 2019.

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