Cannabis Warehousing Solutions

Your Stock in Motion

Don’t let the supply chain hold up your business or disappoint your customers. Plymouth Armor Group’s expansive network of clients, combined with the largest CCC compliant fleet in the state lets you easily drop-ship to dispensaries on the fly.  Scalable storage, fast fulfillment turnaround, and next day delivery will ensure your product is always in stock for purchase.  Plymouth Armor Group offers the following services for all license types.

Looking for Cannabis Warehousing Solutions?

Cannabis warehousing and supply chain logistics can be difficult to navigate. Ever-evolving regulations, supply and demand changes, and issues with distribution may leave you with a need to securely store your cannabis off-site for later use or distribution. Our goal at Plymouth Armor Group is to put your stock in motion. Our new distribution hub has taken the supply chain and simplified it. Let us get your cannabis inventory tucked away securely in between destinations.

Cannabis Warehousing Solutions for All License Holder Types

Whether you are looking for a marijuana warehouse for cultivation storage, cannabis inventory, or your stockpile as a manufacturer, Plymouth Armor Group offers solutions for every situation. Our 5,000-square-foot cannabis storage facility offers a secure environment to make inventory management easy. Filled with industrial-grade, compliant structures, our cannabis warehouse is ideal for vault offload, drop-shipping, and more. Reach out to discuss your cannabis warehousing needs.

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