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Don’t let the supply chain hold up your business or disappoint your customers. Plymouth Armor Group’s expansive network of clients, combined with the largest CCC compliant fleet in the state lets you easily drop-ship to dispensaries on the fly.  Scalable storage, fast fulfillment turnaround, and next day delivery will ensure your product is always in stock for purchase.  Plymouth Armor Group offers the following services for all license types.

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FAQs About Cannabis Warehousing

Who Should Consider Cannabis Warehousing?

Cannabis warehousing can be valuable to several key players in the cannabis supply chain. Cultivators, cannabis processors, and even retailers may benefit from having access to commercial cannabis storage.

Warehousing cannabis supply, whether in raw or processed, ready-to-sell form provides a number of noteworthy advantages, including further access to logistics services like wholesale transport and distribution.

Why Is Commercial Cannabis Storage an Ideal Investment?

Cannabis warehousing services provide several key advantages to those in the cannabis business. Retailers may choose to order bulk supplies of certain products, but may not have enough on-site space to house products. In these cases, retailers benefit by buying in bulk despite the lack of storage space, which allows them to better manage their inventory and pricing models.

Cannabis cultivators can gain an off-site, secure location to house their harvested flower until it’s purchased by a processor. This makes the transition when a processor places an order for bulk flower easier, as the best cannabis warehousers like PAG can also manage distribution and transport.

Cannabis processors benefit from having a place to house bulk flower until it is needed for product production. Likewise, their produced products can be warehoused until the retailers are ready for shipment.

What Should You Look for in the Best Cannabis Warehousing Services?

When you decide to work with a cannabis warehousing service, it is vital to make sure you pick the best place. Look at aspects of the warehousing service, such as their proximity to your business, security measures, and the quality of onsite climate control.

Before settling on a specific place, ask about their tracking processes and compliance objectives. In addition, it is a good idea to find a cannabis warehouse that can handle the distribution and transport of your product after it is stored in their facilities.

Looking for Cannabis Warehousing Solutions?

One sector of cannabis warehousing that is particularly beneficial in the supply chain is cannabis dispensary product storage. Dispensary owners often need extra space to store consumer products until they have room to transition those products in-store. Our warehousing services include dispensary storage for retail operations.

Cannabis warehousing and supply chain logistics can be difficult to navigate. Ever-evolving regulations, supply and demand changes, and issues with distribution may leave you with a need to securely store your cannabis off-site for later use or distribution. Our goal at Plymouth Armor Group is to put your stock in motion. Our new distribution hub has taken the supply chain and simplified it. Let us get your cannabis inventory tucked away securely in between destinations.

Cannabis Warehousing Solutions for All License Holder Types

Whether you are looking for a marijuana warehouse for cultivation storage, cannabis inventory, or your stockpile as a manufacturer, Plymouth Armor Group offers solutions for every situation. Our 5,000-square-foot cannabis storage facility offers a secure environment to make inventory management easy. Filled with industrial-grade, compliant structures, our cannabis warehouse is ideal for vault offload, drop-shipping, and more. Reach out to discuss your cannabis warehousing needs.

The Benefits of Cannabis Dispensary Product Storage

Access to cannabis warehousing for your dispensary storage needs can make a drastic difference to the overall efficiency of your operation. Take a look at a few of the primary advantages below.

Buy in Bulk and Lower Your Bottom Line

Buying products at wholesale equates to savings as a retailer. However, with wholesale purchases, it is common to reap even more savings when you buy greater volumes of certain products. With cannabis dispensary storage in a warehouse specifically for the cause, you have the freedom to purchase high volumes of product without concerns about nowhere to store the product.

Keep Stock Closer to Retail Locations

Working with suppliers to keep your dispensary stocked can mean you have stock coming from miles in any given direction. In the bigger picture, it is not efficient or economical, nor is having stock needing transport from long distances conducive to keeping your shelves stocked. With cannabis dispensary product storage, you can buy in bulk and keep those products stored in closer proximity to your retail establishment for faster restocking as needed.

Achieve Smoother Inventory Management

Large retailers commonly use warehouses to keep inventory overflow because this is a more efficient way of navigating when you have a high sales rate. The same rule applies to cannabis retail operations. Building a healthy stock of inventory in storage gives you access to stock as it is needed instead of having to work directly with the supplier to place and receive new orders. Therefore, keeping your menu full is an easier feat.

Avoid Issues with Product Loss Due to Improper Storage Conditions

While most dispensaries have some space for storage on-site, that storage can be limited in size, and it may not always offer the best environmental conditions. For example, cured cannabis flower retains its quality best when stored between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity levels must be monitored to thwart the risk of mold. Warehouses dedicated to cannabis dispensary product storage offer climate-controlled spaces to protect products from damage.

Talk to PAG About Dispensary Storage Solutions

Access to effective cannabis dispensary product storage can revolutionize the efficiency of your retail cannabis business. At PAG, we work directly with you to determine the best warehousing solution for your dispensary by evaluating your location, volume of product to be stored, and specific product-storage needs.

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