Cannabis Product Transportation for Dispensaries

Compliant wholesale, B2B, and lab cannabis transport to and from all license types.

When And Where? PAG Will Make It Happen.

Plymouth Armor Group understands the headache of cannabis logistics, so it has been our goal since day one to develop the most efficient and compliant processes and procedures in the industry.

Available when and where you need us, PAG works with your schedule to provide prompt delivery. Our risk mitigation program has been developed with input from industry leaders and our state-of-the-art asset tracking technology ensures safe delivery of your cannabis from point A to point B.

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FAQs About Cannabis Product Transportation

What Does Transportation Mean for Cannabis?

Transportation in the cannabis industry is all about moving either raw or finished consumer products between the many necessary parts of the supply chain.

For example, cannabis must be transported from the cultivation facility to the cannabis processor. Likewise, packaged cannabis flower must be transported to retail dispensaries and cannabis samples must be transported to testing labs. Essentially, cannabis transport is the process of moving cannabis in all its forms between the different license types that make up the supply chain.

How Does Transportation Work for US Cannabis Companies?

Cannabis transport is a highly regulated process, especially in some states. The products must be tracked through every step in the supply chain to make sure all plants and products are accounted for.

Even those who hold licenses that would logically involve transporting cannabis can face regulations that make doing so difficult to navigate. For example, some states have stipulations about what type of vehicle cannabis can be transported in or how that vehicle must be monitored. Cannabis companies can, however, work with cannabis transportation services that ensure all regulations are followed, and compliance needs are met.

What Should You Look for in the Best Cannabis Transportation Company?

Entrusting cannabis transport to the most suitable company is vital. Make sure the transporter has a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles with adequate security and compliance features in place. Also, make sure employees are well-trained in handling cannabis.

Cannabis transportation companies can also vary when it comes to what additional services they have to offer. Keep in mind, it is usually more economical to contract with a service provider that can meet multiple needs. For example, at PAG, we can help with cash transport, cannabis warehousing, and cannabis distribution, in addition to base-line product transport.

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Looking for Cannabis Product Transportation to Dispensaries?

As a dispensary in the retail cannabis space, having cannabis and cannabis products transported efficiently to your place of business contributes to everything from inventory maintenance to cash flow. Plymouth Armor Group specializes in transporting cannabis to dispensaries in state-of-the-art, compliant, secure vehicles capable of making sure every order arrives efficiently.

The Importance of Secure Cannabis Transportation for Dispensaries

Secure cannabis transportation for dispensaries is critical. With a third-party transporter handling your shipments from suppliers, warehouses, and other distribution points in the supply chain, your retail operation immediately experiences several benefits, including:

  • Asset tracking ensures your cannabis is monitored from one stop to the next
  • Climate control maintains cannabis flower and product freshness upon delivery
  • Regulatory adherence keeps your cannabis transportation objectives compliant
  • Obtain more reliable shipments of product to keep your inventory aligned with customer demand

In addition, PAG dispensary transportation connects you with numerous other entities in the supply chain due to our massive network of affiliates. For example, we work directly with cultivators and processors and can help with everything from cannabis warehousing to cash transport.

Schedule Reliable Dispensary Transportation with PAG

When you partner with PAG for dispensary transportation, we take the time to get to know your needs and determine how our services can meet or exceed those demands. Whether you need transport from a warehouse on a routine schedule or have more sporadic needs, we’re here to build a plan that supports your dispensary.

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