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Although cannabis legalization is becoming more and more mainstream, the laws surrounding cannabis are anything but “lax.” Yes, it’s easier for consumers to buy their favorite products, but marijuana is still tightly controlled and monitored, especially in Massachusetts.

As a cannabis retailer, it’s imperative to follow regulations and guidelines whenever possible. Unfortunately, many people within the industry skirt these rules in favor of expediency and convenience. So, let’s look at the laws and see how shortcuts could threaten your business.

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Who Is In Charge of Massachusetts Cannabis Law?

In Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission is in charge of all laws pertaining to marijuana. These laws include everything from possession amounts to how much individuals and businesses can grow. They also extend to the manufacture and transportation of cannabis products within the state.

As a rule, if you have any questions about whether something is allowed in MA or not, the CCC is the best resource for clarification and updates.

What Does the Cannabis Control Commission Say About Transporting Weed?

While most people focus on how much weed they can buy or sell at a given time, transportation is a huge part of the cannabis industry. Growers need to ship their products to manufacturing facilities, and those facilities must ship finished items to dispensaries across the state. Additionally, some dispensaries may offer delivery services for customers who want speed and convenience.

So, the CCC offers various guidelines regarding how to transport cannabis safely and legally. Here are some points to consider:

  • Everyone Must Be Licensed – While individuals can possess cannabis without a permit, anyone acting on behalf of a business must be licensed. This includes delivery and cargo drivers. If a driver is pulled over without a permit, they could experience hefty fines, and the company could be held liable.
  • No Crossing State Lines – Because cannabis is illegal at the federal level, it’s a felony to transport it across state lines. Businesses must apply for specialized transportation permits to do so.
  • Everything Must Be Documented – While the chances of an audit are relatively slim, businesses should require all drivers to record their actions while on the job. These recordings should include everything such as traffic incidents, stop details (e.g,. location and duration), and mileage.

Why is Massachusetts Cannabis Compliance So Important?

As a dispensary, your business relies on certification and approval from the CCC. Violating regulations could disrupt your operations, leading to costly delays and potentially wasted products. Again, while you may not get audited by the CCC regularly, all it takes is a single inspection or violation to cause massive losses for your business. Overall, saving time or money upfront could cost you far more in the long run.

How Plymouth Armor Group Can Help With CCC Compliance

While other operators within the industry may skirt the rules, Plymouth Armor Group is always compliant with Massachusetts cannabis law. However, just because we do everything “by the book” doesn’t mean we don’t cater to the needs of dispensaries.

We understand how speed and efficiency can benefit your business, so we’ve developed best practices to ensure all deliveries are above board with no delays. Contact us to see how we can help you streamline your operations.

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