How Often do Dispensaries Restock?

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Now that marijuana legalization has become more normalized, dispensaries are becoming far more commonplace. However, while a dispensary may seem like a standard retailer, there are far more rules and regulations surrounding it. Each aspect of the cannabis industry, from growing the plants to delivering them to the store, is tightly regulated.

So, something as simple as restocking the shelves can be something of a tricky proposition. With that in mind, let’s break down how often dispensaries restock and how Plymouth Armor Group can help streamline this process.

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How Often Do Dispensaries Restock Their Supply?

Although dispensaries in Massachusetts are part of a regulated network, there is no publicly-available data that shows how often each storefront restocks. In some cases, a dispensary may get a shipment once a week, or they may restock multiple times per week.

However, because transporting and delivering cannabis is regulated, these shipments aren’t handled like regular inventory you might find at a grocery or department store. For example, there won’t be boxes of cannabis products sitting out, waiting to be put on the shelves. Instead, everything has to be documented and monitored to prevent theft and misuse.

Factors That Affect Restocking Cannabis

Overall, stocking the shelves at a dispensary is more complicated than it is at other retailers. Many factors can affect a dispensary restock, such as:

Hours of Operation – Many dispensaries are open for long hours to cater to more customers. However, the longer a dispensary stays open, the more it can sell, and the faster items can sell out.

Growing Conditions – Because cannabis is a plant, growing it requires a lot of time and resources. While many growers have fine-tuned their operations to ensure consistent crops, unforeseen circumstances can lead to low crop yields (i.e., disease or pests).

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Popularity – If a strain sells out at a dispensary, it could be weeks or months before a new crop is available to purchase. High-demand strains may take longer because multiple dispensaries are waiting for orders. On the flip side, growers may not continue to cultivate unpopular strains, so they’ll never get restocked.

How Dispensaries Can Protect Their Weed Shipments

Because restocking is vital for a dispensary to keep selling, it makes sense to trust these shipments to a professional third party. While a dispensary can handle these deliveries in-house, outsourcing to a company like Plymouth Armor Group comes with various advantages like:

  • High-Quality Vehicles—Cannabis must be stored at the right temperature to maintain its potency and value. Regular cars and trucks aren’t built to consistently maintain these temperatures.
  • Documented Transport – Dispensaries must comply with MA regulations, meaning they have to work with licensed vendors and partners. We document everything so the entire process is above board.
  • Experience and Insight – We’ve been in the cannabis transportation business for a long time, so we know how to streamline logistics for everyone’s benefit. We can help you develop a restocking schedule that works for your bottom line and your customers.

Let Plymouth Armor Group Help With Restocking

If you’re struggling to restock your dispensary efficiently, now may be the time to outsource delivery and logistics to Plymouth Armor Group. We can develop a curated action plan to ensure you can boost your bottom line. Contact us today to find out more.

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