How Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed?  

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How Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed?  

The average dispensary can house a few thousand different cannabis products, most from various brands. Every aspect of the cannabis market is tightly controlled and regulated, from who grows the plants to what items are allowed on dispensary shelves. So, how do dispensaries get their weed? Unless a dispensary is vertically integrated, growing and processing all of its own branded products, there can be several suppliers and other parts of the supply chain involved in building a dispensary’s menu. Take a closer look at how dispensaries get their cannabis supplies below.

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First, Where Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed?

The cannabis found in dispensaries is most often sourced from cultivators and processors within the state where the dispensary is located. Cultivators licensed by the state grow various strains of cannabis in cultivation centers. Once harvested, the cannabis undergoes testing and then processing, including drying, curing, and packaging, to prepare it for sale.

Some of the harvested cannabis may also be transported to a processing facility where it will either be packaged or used to make other products like edibles, concentrates, or vape carts. One retail dispensary can have products on its shelves sourced from all over the state from different brands.

Some dispensaries do have a vertically integrated license, which means they may have several products on their menu that have been created by them. However, even most vertically integrated dispensaries source cannabis from outside sources for the sake of variety.

How Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed?

After processing, the cannabis products are delivered to dispensaries through regulated distribution channels and cannabis transport companies like Plymouth Armor Group. These distribution networks ensure that the cannabis products reach dispensaries safely and comply with all state regulations. Dispensaries carefully select the cannabis products they offer based on factors such as quality, potency, and customer demand to provide consumers with a diverse range of options.

Most dispensaries will be partnered with multiple wholesale suppliers. Therefore, shipments between cultivators/processors and dispensaries are frequent. To lighten the strain, some supplies from multiple brands are held in warehouses and distribution centers. In which case, dispensary owners place orders for stock, and orders are filled at the distribution center where they are picked up by a transporter for dispensary delivery.

Plymouth Armor Group: A Vital Part of the Cannabis Supply Chain in New England

When it comes to keeping dispensary shelves stocked with cannabis, a cannabis transporter is a vital part of the process. If you are a dispensary owner struggling to maintain inventory due to problems with B2B transport, it may be time to partner with a more efficient company. Reach out to the team at PAG to discuss how we can help.


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