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Massachusetts cannabis transport is no easy feat, but completely necessary to keep the supply chain moving. Moving bulk cannabis from a cultivator to a processor must be handled by a licensed transporter. Likewise, cannabis products from the processor must be transported in a compliant way to the warehouse or dispensary. While we have seen massive improvements nationwide in the legality of cannabis, the plant itself is still federally illegal. Which means transporting it can be a logistical nightmare. Read on to learn the process of getting a third-party transporter license from the CCC and how Plymouth Armor Group’s supply chain and logistics solutions can save you time and money in your pursuit of profit.

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Legalizing Cannabis in Massachusetts

FUN FACT! Massachusetts was the first state to criminalize cannabis in the early 1900’s and one of the first states to legalize the same plant nearly 100 years later. First popularized in the states in the early 1900’s, smoking marijuana quickly became associated with the immigrants who brought it across the border. In a ploy to create fear and misinformation, the movie Reefer Madness was released in 1936, portraying the plant as dangerous; the emerging narrative claiming that cannabis, and it’s users (specifically, black and hispanic Americans) were at the epicenter of America’s crippling economy.

This hateful campaign created a bias that lasted decades. A year after the film’s release, The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed, effectively banning all forms of the plant. While this act was shot down a few years later, modern day America saw marijuana prohibition in the form of high arrest rates, and long prison sentences. With so many people serving prison time for transporting marijuana, it’s incredible to imagine a world where a company like Plymouth Armor Group exists legally. Massachusetts decriminalized marijuana in 2008, followed by a vote allowing medical facilities in 2012 and finally, in 2016, the legalization of all recreational cannabis. Plymouth Armor Group was born shortly after to fill the logistical vacuum that came with the introduction of the Cannabis Control Commission and the regulations on transporting put in place by the state.

Do You Need Massachusetts Cannabis Transport Services?

If your cannabis business transports bulk product to another business, you will need either a transporter’s license or a third-party Massachusetts cannabis transport company. MA has laws in place that dictate how much cannabis or cannabis product can be transported without a transporter’s license. Further, Massachusetts cannabis transport vehicles have to have specific features, such as GPS tracking and cameras. Therefore, it is more financially feasible to work with a third party for transport.

Should You Opt for Massachusetts Armed Cannabis Transport?

Opting for armed transport is an added layer of security for your cannabis while it is in transport. Massachusetts cannabis transport vehicles already have to be designed securely with specific compliance features for adequate product and cash protection. However, opting for a Massachusetts cannabis transportation service that has armed drivers is definitely something to consider. The high value of the onboard merchandise or cash can make the vehicle a target for attempted theft or robbery. Armed guards or drivers can help deter criminals with ill intent and protect the vehicle and your interests if necessary.

What Does It Take to Get a Massachusetts Cannabis Transport License?

Obtaining a license for Massachusetts cannabis transportation is a long, expensive process. In order to get a license, you must go through an arduous application process, secure compliant vehicles, and pay substantial fees to the Cannabis Control Commission. The process is difficult because cannabis transport can pose so many unique risks and challenges. Therefore, there are only a few cannabis transporters in the state.

According to the CCC’s website, a Third Party Transporter is defined as an “entity that may only transport marijuana or marijuana products and does not hold another ME license and is not licensed as an MTC.” Currently there are four licensed transporters in the state of Massachusetts. While we successfully opened our doors in 2018 for cash clients, the team at PAG spent the next two years quietly plugging away at our third-party transporter license. In 2020, we were honored to be the second license granted in the state and have spent every day since building a brand recognized industry-wide for it’s compliance, trust and qualified staff.

Find Out How PAG Can Help with MA Cannabis Transport

After such a long licensing process, you can imagine that by the time businesses open their doors, they are looking for cost-effective and efficient daily operations. While some business owners believe handling their transportation in-house is the more cost-effective option, the numbers tell a different story. Plymouth Armor Group is one of only a few licensed cannabis transporters in Massachusetts. Reach out to find out how we can save you money with wholly compliant cannabis transport services.

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