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January 20, 2021

Written by Allison Lotzkar

Like many start-ups, Plymouth Armor Group began with an idea. On the cusp of legalizing adult-use cannabis sales in Massachusetts, our team realized one big problem— who would move the cash? And how would they move it safely? It became clear fairly quickly that the answer was us. In late 2018, Plymouth Armor Group was born.

Our executive team was formed with individuals that had extensive experience in law enforcement, banking and over 10 years of supporting security efforts in the cannabis industry. This unique combination of shared skills and experiences gave us the advantage of knowledge of compliance, expertise in the industry and connections in the right places. Our team had one goal in mind— to ensure the legitimacy, and safety of the cannabis industry. Right after Thanksgiving 2018, with a small fleet of vehicles and five drivers, Plymouth Armor Group began operations.

Throughout 2020 it became clear that while Plymouth Armor Group was meeting the cash transportation needs of our clients, there was something missing. Who could move the product? At the time, there were not a lot of options. To meet this need, Plymouth Armor Group began operating a compliant and CCC approved leasing program of their vehicles. This program gave an in-the-moment fix to our clients for their product transportation needs and optimized our daily operations, preparing us to hit the ground running with full product transportation services in the future.

From the beginning of 2019, until the end of 2020, Plymouth Armor Group saw a 2094% increase in volume and clients. As more and more retailers throughout the state were granted their licenses, Plymouth Armor Group took on the bulk of the state’s transportation needs. As our brand grew, we continued to expand into Rhode Island and Connecticut. Our team grew as well. What was once 5 drivers and a couple of office staff, slowly morphed into our team today— 14 drivers, 8 office workers and a fleet of 10 compliant vehicles. Obviously, 2020 did not come without its complications. In February, we watched in shock from our office as the world lit up with COVID-19 cases. We knew we had important decisions to make and had to make them fast.


Plymouth Armor Group recognized the danger of the Covid pandemic swiftly. In early March, we decided to send our office staff home and quickly made a safety plan to keep our entire staff safe. We successfully petitioned to lower the number of required drivers for cash pick-up from two to one, to limit our driver’s exposure to each other. We had our office deep cleaned, and bought supplies to regularly disinfect our fleet of vehicles. Our staff hunted stores for lysol wipes, masks and hand sanitizer and provided our drivers with whatever we could find. Our incredible drivers, armed with sanitized vehicles, safety instructions, and all the cleaning supplies we could provide, did not miss a beat. They have worked tirelessly to keep our fleet clean and to keep us all healthy. We are proud to say that as of January 2021, our company has remained completely Covid-free.

Challenges aside, in December of 2020, after two years of successful operations, Plymouth Armor Group was recognized by the Cannabis Control Commission as a Licensed Third-Party Transporter. Now a fully licensed transporter, the preferred provider for all cannabis accepting financial institutes and growing every day, Plymouth Armor Group has become what it is today: the leading cash and cannabis product transporter for the state of Massachusetts, with over $550m transported and over 1,000 product transports completed without incident.

CCC+License.jpgWe are so thankful to our clients who trust us with their assets and keep us in business day after day. If you are not a client and you’d like more information, please reach out to our sales team at:

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