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From being non-existent to being one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, cannabis has made it through one of the greatest consumer product revolutions of our time. In New England alone, cannabis is now recreationally legal in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont. In just MA, the adult-use cannabis market has sold over $4 billion worth of products.

While customers may only interact with the cannabis industry at consumer-facing retail establishments, a lot takes place behind the scenes to keep such a massive industry moving. The logistics of cannabusiness are complex, involving numerous business-to-business transactions between different entities. Therefore, B2B delivery companies are a hugely important component of the cannabis industry as a whole. Take a closer look at the true value of B2B cannabis delivery, what these companies provide, and more.


B2B Delivery Services in Cannabis: A Closer Look

The cannabis supply chain contains a lot of moving parts. What starts out as a plant and agricultural product can go through a number of other hands before eventually being for sale at a dispensary for customers. B2B delivery in cannabis can be involved in a number of different scenarios. Take a closer look below.

Cultivator to Processor or Packager

Once cannabis flower has been harvested, the traveling journey for these plants usually begins. Cultivators tend to sell bulk flower to local cannabis processors to make everything from edibles and extracts to vaporizer products. B2B delivery companies play the role of transporting the raw product to these processors. Likewise, some cultivators move their product to a separate packaging facility or even a third-party packager, which also requires transport.

Processor or Packager to Dispensaries or Warehousing and Distribution Facilities

Once cannabis flower has been processed into various products or packaged, the next leg of the journey begins. Most packagers and processors rely on a B2B delivery service to move products from their facilities to end dispensaries or warehousing and cannabis distribution centers.

Warehouse/Distributor to Dispensary

From the warehouse where cannabis flower and products are sold, these products must be delivered to dispensaries as needed to replenish store inventories and maintain a flow of products. B2B delivery companies can handle these transitions.

The Value of B2B Cannabis Delivery and Transport

Having a reliable cannabis B2B delivery company brings a host of benefits to both businesses involved in the transaction, as well as the industry as a whole. Check out the primary advantages of working with a B2B delivery company in cannabis.

Timely Product Transport

Time is of the essence with every cannabis delivery, and B2B delivery cuts the time between points in the supply chain. These products have a shelf life that must be monitored, and in some cases, the freshness of raw products determines the quality of end products. For example, a cultivator will need to get freshly harvested flower to the processor as quickly as possible if that processor is creating “live” cannabis extracts. Live extracts are those taken from the flower as soon after harvest as possible.

Better Cashflow

When all companies have access to product transport and delivery as needed, it becomes easier to maintain cash flow. For example, a cultivator can readily schedule deliveries for harvested crops, so processors get their flower fast and send payments soon after. Likewise, dispensaries have access to a steady stream of deliveries from local distribution centers to continually meet the demands of customers and keep cash coming in.

Secured Product Transitions

The Best B2B cannabis delivery companies operate using only the securest practices. This means everything from the vehicles used for transport to the hired delivery drivers is carefully chosen to ensure every aspect of the transport is as secure as possible. By entrusting transport to a delivery service, business owners do not have to face security concerns because they don’t have the proper equipment or people to carry out the delivery.

Trust Only the Best B2B Delivery Service for Cannabis

Finding the best B2B cannabis delivery service takes your business to a new level of operational efficiency. From B2B cannabis marketing to B2B wholesale transport, distribution, and even cash transport, Plymouth Armor Group is the multifaceted delivery service you can count on. Reach out to the team to discuss your needs in the cannabis business and find out how we can help.


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