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While medical cannabis has been available in Connecticut for over a decade, CT only began recreational cannabis sales in 2023. Nevertheless, CT has a rapidly growing cannabis market.

At least seven dispensaries rearranged their plans to include recreational cannabis in addition to medical cannabis when the adult-use laws were set in motion. And as many as 40 new establishments are expected to open their doors by the end of the year. Therefore, there are many existing dispensaries that could see double the usual cash flow. Plus, with so much anticipation for recreational cannabis among consumers in CT, there’s bound to be a lot of new dispensaries handling a substantial amount of cash daily.

With all this in mind, Connecticut cash transport becomes even more important. Take a closer look at the value of cash transport in the cannabis business below.


A Closer Look at Connecticut Cash Transport

Cash transport in the cannabis business is a B2B service model aimed at helping business owners safely transport cash to and from their place of business. A single CT dispensary can take in thousands of dollars worth of cash in one day.

Just during the month of May in 2023, CT adult-use and recreational dispensaries sold almost $23 million worth of cannabis and cannabis products. Not surprisingly, sales of adult-use cannabis and medical cannabis were only differentiated by a few hundred-thousand dollars. If you break this down by location, most dispensaries handle a large volume of cash every day.

The Value of Using Connecticut Cash Transport Services

A CT cash transport company meets a major need for dispensary owners. Taking in so much cash in a day means frequent visits to local financial institutions to make deposits. Likewise, dispensaries can need ATMs restocked with cash on a more frequent basis than the average retailer. Entrusting transport of cash in either direction provides a number of poignant benefits, such as:

  • The business can continue to run smoothly with cash management best practices.
  • The business does not face the same security hazards that come along with keeping large volumes of cash on-site.
  • The business does not have to navigate the risky process of transporting cash in vulnerable passenger vehicles.
  • The business employees do not have to accept the risks of traveling with cash.

How to Find the Best CT Cash Transport Company

1. Make sure the vehicles are operated by trained professionals

Having a Connecticut cash transport guard that picks up the cash, places it in the transport vehicle, and monitors the cash until it is deposited deters the risks of theft. Therefore, when considering any cannabis cash transport company in CT, make sure the company employs armed, trained guards that have the proper level of experience. For example, PAG employees undergo extensive security training and they are armed guards capable of protecting client assets to the fullest.

2. Look for a CT cash transport service that partners with local financial institutions

Cash transport companies that have a working relationship with area banking institutions are also important. If there is an established partnership between banks and cash transporters, transactions are streamlined and more efficient. Therefore, cash deposits and other transactions are handled as quickly as possible.

3. Consider the compliance measures the company has in place

In the cannabis industry, compliance is important on every level, including when transporting cash. Ask any service provider about their efforts to keep compliance at the heart of their services. The best companies will have tracking systems and in-depth protocols in place to make sure every transport is well-documented and compliant.

4. Evaluate the cash transporter’s fleet of vehicles

Much like cannabis, cash should be transported in a way that is inconspicuous and safe. The best cash transporters will have top-of-the-line vehicles that are created with security and ambiguity in mind. Vehicles will be unmarked but have added security measures in place, such as shatterproof windows and secure locking mechanisms.

Get in Touch with New England’s Premier Cash Transport Partner

Plymouth Armor Group is the largest cannabis logistics company in New England. While we started out serving clients with cannabis transport, cannabis cash transport, and other services in Massachusetts, we have expanded our services to include Connecticut.

Our compliant, secure vehicles are operated by trained guards that work hard to protect your cash assets during transit. In addition, we are partnered with several area banking institutions, which means we can handle your cash services as quickly as possible. Are you looking for help with cash transport in CT? Let’s talk.


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