How to Transport Weed Legally in Massachusetts

Cannabis Transportation Services

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When you step into the Massachusetts cannabis industry, regardless of the role you plan to take, there’s a lot to learn. Whether you’re cultivating, processing, retailing, or even testing cannabis, access to cannabis transport is a vital lifeblood of your business endeavor.

Even vertically integrated establishments that grow, process, and sell have to rely on transport for testing and sending samples to other retailers. However, transporting bulk cannabis products is not as simple as loading up a van and hitting the road. Below is a brief overview of how to transport weed legally in MA.

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How Much Weed Can You Transport Legally?

The Bay State takes the transport of cannabis seriously when it comes to the legality of carrying large amounts. This means if you are a business in the industry looking to transport more than the personal possession limit of one ounce of flower, you could face fines and charges if you get caught.

Of course, any business in the industry could need to transport far more than the legal possession limit at any given time. Therefore, cultivators, processors, retailers, testing labs, and even research facilities can be limited when it comes to getting their B2B cannabis from point A to point B in the supply chain.

How to Legally Transport Weed in Massachusetts

To legally transport weed in MA, you will have to obtain a marijuana transporter license. There are two license types in the state: an existing license transporter and a third-party transporter license. Third-party transporters do not have an existing cannabis establishment license. These licensees act only as transporters between businesses. Existing license transporters are already licensed to cultivate, process, or sell cannabis in the state.

Licensed cannabis business owners in the state who don’t work with a third party have to work through the process of obtaining a secondary license to transport. Much like obtaining any cannabis establishment license, obtaining a transporter license involves several steps, application fees, and more, such as:

  • Filing an Application of Intent
  • Submitting to a Background Check
  • Providing a Management and Operations Profile
  • Providing a cannabis transportation plan
  • Setting aside a bond or escrow to cover required expenses
  • Paying a $1,000 application fee and $5,000 licensing fee (non-refundable)
  • Paying fees associated with obtaining a background check

Cannabis Transportation Services

Trust the Experience of PAG for Secure, Legal Cannabis Transport

Because the costs and time involved in obtaining a transport license can be so overwhelming for a new cannabis business, most choose to trust a third-party transporter to legally transport weed. Plymouth Armor Group is one of the most trusted names in cannabis transport in New England—we serve 90% of the market in Massachusetts. If you are looking for a transporter with the experience required to safeguard your cannabis in transit, reach out to discuss our services.

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