The Prime Benefits of Massachusetts Cannabis Distribution

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By the end of the year 2022, Massachusetts had set a new record for recreational and medical cannabis sales. When you have a product that generates nearly $1.8 Billion in sales within one state, the logistics of managing the supply chain of said product can grow exponentially complex. A key player in making everything work for efficiently all parties involved is cannabis distributors.


A Closer Look at Massachusetts Cannabis Distribution

Massachusetts weed distribution focuses on the distribution of cannabis between different points in the supply chain. Essentially, the distributor provides product fulfillment and transportation between necessary stopping points, such as the warehousing facility, the cultivator, the processor, and the dispensary.

The Benefits of Cannabis Distribution in Massachusetts

Working with a company that holds a Massachusetts cannabis distribution license like PAG creates a number of noteworthy benefits for those in the cannabis business. The top-level benefit is the efficiency of moving products, but there are other benefits as well.

Faster Product Movement

Imagine the cannabis supply chain as a wheel. The cultivators grow the cannabis, the cannabis goes to the processors and packagers, and end products go to a warehouse for storage, and then those products are distributed to the dispensary as needed. This wheel can move really slowly when there are too many people trying to move the product around the wheel and to the end customer. Because a distributor oversees the process of getting cannabis between touchpoints, you have one entity and an overall faster, more streamlined motion.

Greater Sales Consultant Representation

The best distributors have numerous sales consultants that can represent different suppliers on the supply chain. Therefore, by working with a distributor, say as a cultivator or processor, you have access to a pool of ready sales consultants working hard to get your cannabis in front of the right buyers.

Logistics and Warehousing Management

As noted earlier, cannabis distributors oversee multiple points in the supply chain. Therefore, they can help with some of the more difficult tasks, such as handling logistics and cannabis warehousing. For example, the distributor can help a processor secure viable warehousing but also help them transport their products from the production site to the warehouse, and then to the end customer.

Secure Transport Vehicles

Cannabis transport in itself can be a huge burden without working with a cannabis transport company. There are many regulations regarding how the nuanced product can be transported, and the merchandise is a high-value product. Cannabis distributors like PAG often have their own fleet of secure transport vehicles

PAG: One of the Most Trusted Massachusetts Cannabis Distribution Companies

From scalable, secure warehouse storage and rapid order fulfillment to cannabis transport, PAG has the services you need to keep your business moving forward. We’ve partnered with most cannabis businesses in the state, and we’d be happy to work with you. If you are interested in cannabis distribution in MA, reach out to the team at Plymouth Armor Group to discuss our services.



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