Do You Need Massachusetts Cannabis Consultation?

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Since Massachusetts legalized cannabis in 2018, the state has generated over $5 Billion in sales. New cannabis businesses are emerging almost daily across this small New England state.

Nevertheless, not every business that builds a brand and plan will be successful. In fact, without good guidance and the right elements in place, failure is probable due to the sheer volume of competition. Therefore, Massachusetts cannabis consultation can be one of the most valuable strategic moves you make for your cannabis business, no matter whether you’re a cultivator, processor, retailer, or vertically integrated license holder. Take a look at a few signs your business may need cannabis consultation services.

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Why Your Business May Need Massachusetts Cannabis Consultation

Supply Chain Challenges

The cannabis supply chain looks straightforward: the product is grown, the product is processed, and the product is sold. However, the actual supply chain behind a successful cannabis operation actually gets pretty complicated.

You’re dealing with a finite product that must be tested, transported in a timely way, and adequately warehouse-stored and distributed. If you have issues with things like keeping inventory in your dispensary, finding a buyer for your raw product, or getting raw goods as a processor, you likely need the help of a consultant.

Lacking B2B Network Connections

No business can operate as an island in the world of weed. Even vertically integrated brands that act as growers, processors, and dispensaries still need a support network made up of other entities and businesses. For example, one vertically integrated brand cannot feasibly grow and create every single product on its dispensary shelves. And even if they could, customers demand diversity. Therefore, having a strong network of partnered brands and businesses can be incredibly valuable.

If you don’t have a good network, you can face issues with everything from maintaining ample inventory to managing cash flow and product distribution. Cannabis consultants generally have connections with multiple arms of the supply chain, which means they can also help you build a strong network of your own.

Recurring Operational Issues

Cash flow difficulties, lack of brand recognition, difficulty keeping your production facility stocked with raw cannabis—these operational issues are bound to happen periodically. However, if you are facing ongoing issues, it is a good indication you need an outside perspective to help you pinpoint what may need to be adjusted.

Inability to Secure Buyers

Maybe you are a new grower with little interest in your bulk flower. Perhaps your cannabis edibles company is not gaining traction among dispensary buyers. In any of these cases, cannabis consultation in Massachusetts may be advantageous. For example, a consultant may be able to recommend a product sampling strategy to build more interest in your products or point you in the direction of a buyer with issues finding a reliable supplier.

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Discuss Your Consultation Needs with PAG

Cannabis can be a tough business—we get it, and we’re here to help. Plymouth Armor Group has grown from a B2B cannabis transport company to a well-refined cannabis logistics company that can help on many levels. If you believe you could benefit from cannabis consultation in Massachusetts, reach out to discuss how we can help.

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